Padina® Natural Rub : First 3 in 1 Algae Based Antibacterial Ointment With Cosmetic Feel

Antibacterial ointment is formulated using organic brown marine algae from the species of Padina. Formulation and commercialization of this local natural antibacterial using the active compound of this seaweeds. This species is well established, rich in pytoconstituents with abundant moisturizing properties. Existing topical antibacterial ointment are synthetic and often cause skin irritation. It is natural product that get from natural sources. This product is 3 in 1 : Antibacterial + Moisture + Skin Regenerator. The product is environmental friendly, where as algae is harvested prevention of sea pollution.


Duration: Master research (2014-2018)- Part Time

Award :

  • Diamond award (Invention)
  • Gold medal award

Attended VIP:

  • Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Hassan Said
    Vice Chancellor Universiti Teknologi MARA / Patron
  • Prof Dr. Hadariah Bahron
    Asisst. Vice Chancelor (Research & Innovation)
  • Mohamed Iran Moriff Mohd Shariff
    Chief Operating  Officer, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Who encourage to finish:

My Family – Husband (Mohd Fakhruddin),  Sons (Amir Zhafif, Ariff Ziqri)
My Supervisor- Assoc. Dr Long Chiau Ming, Prof. Mohamed Mansor Manan