KPJ Healthcare University College Signs Memorandum of Understandings (MOU)

University of Puthisastra is a campus located in Phnom Pen, Cambodia. Since University of Puthisastra is focusing on health sciences and technology, the MOU is indeed significant to KPJUC along with many objectives as follows:

  1. To encourage quality service improvement in the clinical settings through students exchange collaborations
  2. To increase numbers of research publications through research work collaborations by academic staff and students
  3. To encourage knowledge sharing and enhance communication skills amongst students and staff through community service collaborations
  4. To help in developing new programs through training collaborations
  5. To enhance skills related to expertise and soft skills through training collaborations
  6. To enhance teaching and learning approaches through training collaborations

The projects for this MOU between KPJUC and Puthisastra University are more into contributions related to academic and industrial fields, as well as to achieve the goal in empowering the healthcare education beyond boundaries between two different campuses internationally.