Venue : Auditorium 1 & Student Lounge KPJU  

Date : 13-15 March 2024

As the new semester begins, there are always new admissions to our university. Therefore, the March Orientation Week was held from the 13th to the 15th of March to welcome all the new first-year students to the School of Pharmacy at KPJ University. Many activities were organized by the PHARMAS committee to help students familiarize themselves with our school and the university environment. The new students got to know the lecturers, staff, and all the PHARMily members. Additionally, they gained insight into various pharmacy career paths through a career sharing session with our alumni.

Since it is the Ramadan season, a simple iftar and Maghrib prayer were held, involving all the new students and PHARMily members. All participants dressed in traditional attire, as our theme was ‘Malaysian Classic’. Beyond their first-time university experience, the new students showed great enthusiasm and quickly familiarized themselves with the new environment throughout the orientation program.