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Research Policy

This policy guides researchers to understand their role and responsibilities in the research and innovation process,to smooth the ethics and grant application

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Researchers Guidelines

This folder consists of:

  • Guidelines for New ethics/ grant application, Grant utilization, Extension of project, Progress & Completion Report.
  • GRA/RA/Enumerator Guideline
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Research Ethics/ Grant Application
This folder consists of the Forms of Application for:

Finance Related Forms

This folder consists of:

  • Reimbursement form
  • Travel Claim Form
  • Purchase Requisition Form
  • Reallocation Form
  • Enumerator/GRA/RA Payment Form
  • Article Processing Charge Form
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Research Admin-Related Forms

This folder consists of:

  • Appeal for Continuation of Research Project Form
  • Research Progress Report
  • Research Completion Report
  • Enumerator/RA/GRA Application Form
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