As part of our earnest and continuous commitment in grooming future healthcare professionals, we are currently offering a range of financial aid to deserving students in the form of tuition waivers. The financial aid is aimed at assisting highly potential and/or financially challenged young individuals to be able to study at KPJU in Nilai and our colleges in Johor and Penang. Each successful candidate may receive in-kind financial aid up to RM48,000 depending on their prior academic and personal performance as well as monthly stipends or allowance based on financial background.  The total allocation for KPJU scholarship for 2022 is RM 10 million. KPJU scholarship is divided into 3 categories, namely: (1) BIASISWA (based on academic merit), (2) DERMASISWA (based on financial need), and (3) SETIASISWA (a form of Alumni benefit).  A candidate is entitled to only one scholarship and in the case, a candidate is qualified for more than one type of scholarship, he/she may be offered the one that benefits him/her best.

Interested candidates need to apply for the academic programme of their choice and our academic team would screen which scholarship may be offered to them.  There is no form to fill for scholarship application.  Successful recipients will receive their Offer for Scholarship together with Offer Letter for admission to academic programme they apply.  If a candidate has not received Offer for Scholarship in the Admission Package, they may contact us to be reconsidered.

* The scholarships are limited and subject to availability and set criteria imposed by the university. the decision to award, continue or terminate is at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor.

The scholarships are competitive and may be applied by the following candidates:

  • Have been offered and have accepted to study Full Time Foundation, Diploma or Bachelor Degree
  • At KPJ University Nilai, KPJIC Johor or KPJIC Penang
  • March, July or September intake.

The scholarships cover tuition waiver for the whole duration of the programmes on a prorate, semester-on-semester basis, and subject to the recipients meeting the following requirements:

  • Maintain status as active, registered students
  • Maintain CGPA not lower 3.00
  • Fullfill all specific requirements related to involvement and roles in students’s activities assigned to scholarship holders
  • Settle all overdue bills, if any
  • Not subject to any disciplinary investigation or action

Financial Aid Unit

The Financial Aid Unit KPJU is committed to supporting our students during this challenging time. Our financial support includes:

1) Payment relief – extension/payment arrangement of tuition fee
2) Zakat (priority to students who met the Asnaf’s criteria/B40 family)
3) Advisory of the available financing options to students  

Thus, we are inviting students who have financial difficulties during the pandemic Covid-19 to apply the following financial assistance at
• (Asnaf/B40) (M40 & T20) for our further assessment.


For any inquires regarding this sponsorship please contact us at :
Hotline: 1 300 88 5758
General line: 06 7942692 / 2631
Ext Ms Anis Aziela : 06 7984468
Fax  : 06 7942692
Email  : /



The scholarship from KPJ Hospitals is offered to excellent students (diploma/degree) who performs in their academic and co-curricular activities. Scholarship is awarded during the 2nd and 3rd year studies whereby it covers the tuition fee as well as monthly stipends. Qualified students will be invited to submit their resume/results through Financial Aid Unit. The interview session will conducted twice (2) a year on campus. Upon graduation, students will be employed by the respective hospitals.


KPJ have a mutual agreement with Affin Islamic bank to provide alternative source of financing to the students. The Education Financing for students pursuing studies in higher education or professional courses worldwide. Application is open to all Foundation, Diploma, Degree and postgraduate programmes at KPJUC.

General guidelines;

  1. Age 18 – 45 years old
  2. Applicable for new and existing, full-time and part-time students.
  3. All level of programmes
  4. Must have 2 co-applicants (age 21 and above) from immediate family members
  5. Minimum annual income of RM 24,000. However, at least one of the joint applicants must be earning annual income of RM36,000.

High financing up to RM 400,000. (Note: Maximum financing amount of RM600,000 is eligible for Medical student only)

Repayment period is between 5 to 15 years and the student will need to pay the financing profit during the study period. Full monthly installment will only be effective once completion of study.

Clickherefor the details or Contact Affin Bank, Nilai branch at 06-7994114 & 06-7995836 or Call Centre at +603-8230 2222 or visit the nearest branches nationwide today.

HERE–The Education Financing video


Bank Rakyat offers Education Financing-i for those who plan to further their studies for an undergraduate or postgraduate programme offered by  KPJUC.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

The Applicants applying for the Financing Facilities are required to fulfil the following criteria: –

  • Malaysian Citizen
  • Minimum age of 18 years old and maximum 60 years old at the end of the financing tenure
  • Minimum monthly income of RM2,000
  • Applicant from student itself or immediate family member with fixed income earner

Features of Education Financing-i Facility

  • Financing up to RM250,000
  • Tenure up to 20 years (inclusive of grace period)
  • Grace Period based on the duration of studies OR maximum four (4) years; whichever comes first
  • Takaful coverage is optional
  • Rate – for the latest rate please refer or nearest Bank Rakyat Branch
  • Disbursement of financing by semester and payment direct to KPJUC

For any enquiries, please contact our officer En Anis Aziela at 06-7984468/ email :, visit the nearest Bank Rakyat branch or call Contact Centre Bank Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

Visit for more info


The 2019 Sponsorship 9A + (P9A +) program is sponsorship of the 2018 Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) students who have achieved A + results in at least nine (9) subjects regardless of the remaining subject grade (if any) to further their studies to universities in the country. Candidates will be offered sponsorship through a Renewable Loan (UN) to study preparatory levels up to the First Degree subject to the requirements set and the field recognition.

This sponsorship are applicable for Bachelor of Pharmacy only.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

Yayasan Sabah

Requirements for the Yayasan Sabah Application

  • Malaysian citizens from Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan
  • Aged 17 years old and above
  • One of parent of the applicant is  originally Sabah or the Federal Territory of Labuan
  • Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in Local Higher Education Institutions recognized by the State Government of Sabah

Diploma Applicants

Passed the Certificate of Education (SPM) by attaining at least C grade in five (5) subjects including Bahasa Melayu and subjects related to the field of study to be followed. Pass with honors in English subjects for universities using English as the Shipper Language.

Degree Applicants

Passed the Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) by obtaining at least Grade B in four (4) subjects related to the course to be followed. This qualification should be obtained by just having one exam or equivalent qualification.

Passed Matriculation with at least  CGPA 3.00 or Passed Foundation with at least  CGPA 3.5. Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Medical, Dental and Pharmacy courses need to have at least a CGPA 3.5 at the STPM / Diploma / Matriculation level.

How to Apply

  • The application is made online by visiting the website here . Applicant must have personal emaill for this application.
  • PIN number for online application can be obtain at Yayasan Sabah office as below:

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /


Every student is different, and so is every dream. Thus every student deserves an education opportunity. We work closely with community supporters and generous donors to provide the right education funding for deserving students of KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC) and its associated colleges. Based on this, Tabung Pendidikan KPJ has been formed under Yayasan Johor Corporation since 2016 to assist selected students in realizing their education dream.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax : +606- 7942692
Email : /

Terms of Application

  • Parent / Guardian (one) must be a registered voter in the Penang.
  • Household income (basic salary including fixed allowance) does not exceed RM8,000.00.
  • Only students who are offered the Full Time Program are eligible to apply. Students who are offered Off-campus Programs, Distance Education Programs, Nursing and Basic / Matriculation Programs are not eligible to apply. Students for Premier Polytechnic offers are also not eligible to apply
  • The supporting documents must be certified by the District Officer / Headmaster of the Government Full Aid School / Lecturer / Professor / University Registrar / Attorney-General / Member of Parliament / Member of State Legislature / Member of Council of Local Authorities / Government Officers of Management and Professional Group / Head of State only.
  • Assistance only involves admission to IPTA (as approved by MQA) and IPTS (approved by MMK) to pursue Diploma or Bachelor Degree courses only.
  • This assistance is only provided once in a lifetime whether the application is for Diploma or Bachelor Degree only. If a student has been approved for a Diploma Degree, the student is no longer eligible to apply for a postgraduate study.
  • Applicants can be students / parents / guardians.
  • The decision to grant assistance is final and any appeal will not be considered.
  • Failure to submit supporting documents before the closing date for submission of the form will be rejected and any appeal will not be considered.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

Terms of Application

This financial aid is offered to “Malacca Native” students who are pursuing their studies at Institut Pengajian Tinggi (IPT) with the following qualifications:

  • Applicant was born in Malacca and
  • Applicant’s parents were born in Malacca and
  • Stay in Malacca and
  • Voters in Malacca
  • Has been accepted into Institusi Pengajian Tinggi (IPT).
  • Applications can be made for the first time admission for each level of study only.
  • Applications must be made within six months from the date of registration at the IPT.
  • Applicants are eligible for consideration if their parents are civil servants or members of the uniformed team have served and have been resident for more than 10 years in the state of Malacca and are certified by their employer.
  • Applicants whose parents are not Malaysian citizens do not deserve consideration.

Level of Study & Amount

Diploma – RM 300.00
Degree/Master/PhD – RM 400.00

How to Apply

Forms are available at the TAPEM office during office hours. Please bring along the offer letter of the IPTs for reference.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

Terms of Application

  1. For full-time and full-time admission for first-time SEMESTER students only at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master’s degree (MASTER) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in listed IPT.
  2. The Master’s Degree (MASTER) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) applications are open to full-time or part time students, and either employed or unemployed.
  3. Born in Perak as follows: –
  • Applicant and parent born in Perak; or
  • Applicant and parent are born outside of Perak but have been resident in Perak for more than 10 years; or
  • Applicants and parents born in Perak but located outside Perak and have lived in Perak for more than 10 years.
  • Household (Mother and Father) families earn less than RM5,000 a month (basic salary).

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /


  • It alleviates the burden of students coming from less fortunate families to allow students to focus on their studies without being distracted by financial problems.
  • Demonstrates the concern of the Perak State Government to the welfare of the Perak Student and helps ease the burden of the family.

This aid is divided into two types of assistance that will be provided to Perak students:

Bantuan Sara Diri :

  1. Additional fund to meet the daily expenses of students while studying at the HEIs.
  2. Assistance to students who are forced to make incremental improvements for reasons other than subject failure.

Bantuan Kecemasan :

  1. Special assistance when a student is in a disaster or disaster to ease the burden.
  2. Examples disasters:
  • An accident
  • Fire
  • Mother / Father / Guardian’s death
  • Theft
  • Natural disasters (Floods / Storms / Landslides)
  • Chronic disease

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

Listed below is scholarship offers by Yayasan Sarawak:

  • Biasiswa yayasan Sarawak Tun Taib
  • Yayasan Biasiswa Sarawak Tunku Abdul Rahman (YBSTART)
  • Biasiswa Program Perubatan
  • Biasiswa Tempatan Yayasan Sarawak
  • Hadiah Galakan ke IPT

For more information can click here.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

Helps to alleviate the financial burden of underprivileged Muslim students who are offered admission to Institutions of Higher Education and abroad. The scope of local HEIs are for the purpose of enrolling in the 1st Year Semester only at the Diploma or First Degree level, and the Masters to enable them to register. Meanwhile, the scope of overseas HEIs is restricted to First and Bachelor level only and further to the support of applicants.


  1. Sarawak Islamic students or those resident in Sarawak only.
  2. Obtain a Letter of Offer to pursue studies for local HEIs (Diploma, First Degree and Master) or overseas HEIs (Governmental and Masters Degree only) recognized by the government.
  3. The priority is for students who have not yet enrolled in HEIs. Applications are only open for 40 days (Including Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays) from the date of registration for any student who has enrolled in the HEIs.
  4. Full time study.
  5. Application forms returned for processing beyond 3 months (including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) from the date of registration of the Applicant will not be entertained.
  6. Assistance is not provided to applicants who receive monthly income or financial support from their employer (half or more pay per month).

For more information can click here.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

Lembaga Zakat Selangor offers financial assistance and scholarship to students as follows:

  • Bantuan Kewangan Bulanan
  • Bantuan Keperluan Pendidikan
  • Biasiswa Pelajaran

For more information can click here.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

The Education Scholarship Fund (SDEP) was created to provide one-off financial assistance to ease the burden of students with financial difficulties while pursuing higher education institutions. Implementation of the SDEP given once during the study year is one step towards defending the fate of low-income families so that they can continue their studies without the hassle of providing excellent academic results and graduation.


  1. Malaysian citizen.
  2. Family income does not exceed RM 3,000.00 per month.
  3. Receive an offer or have enrolled or is currently studying at a recognized institution.

For more information can click here.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /


This financial assistance intended to facilitate Muslim students living in the State of Perak to obtain zakat assistance for entry into any public and private institutions of higher learning recognized by the Malaysian government. The help that will be provided is only at the level of education as below.

  • DEGREE (RM700)


  1. Each level of study is provided only once.
  2. Application date is not more than 3 months from the date of enrollment to the IPTA / IPTS
  3. The duration of study should extend to one year or 12 months
  4. Applicants must be resident of Perak State.
  5. Any IPTAs that provide monthly allowance are not eligible to apply.
  6. This application is subject to full-time tuition ONLY.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /


  1. Applicant is a native of Negeri Sembilan who resides in Negeri Sembilan
  2. Applicants must apply within the first year of study.
  3. Household income does not exceed RM4,000.00.
  4. Applicants must use PK-PSUKNS-31 form and the Applicant MUST fill out all required information.
  5. Applicants who are children of FELDA settlers only; applicants are required to fill out the FELDA Educational Assistance Qualification Form.
  6. The application form should be verified by the following only:
  • YB ADUN / Ahli Parlimen or Pegawai Penyelaras DUN; or
  • Penghulu; or
  • Pengerusi MPKK / KRT / Taman.

All forms:

Application Form
Income Verification Form
Application Form for Anak FELDA

For more information can click here.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /

MAIJ offers financial assistance to those in need which is Skim Bantuan Dermasiswa Pelajaran.


  2. Applicant must be a native of Johor as defined by him who has resided for at least three (3) consecutive years in the Johor and pays zakat (fitrah and property) in the Johor.
  3. Applicants must not receive any assistance / contribution / loan from any other party.
  4. Only those who are entitled to the Law of Shara ‘and the rules and conditions set by the MAIJ are eligible to apply and obtain the MAIJ’s assistance.
  5. The applicant is responsible for any false information and documents provided.

For more information can click here.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /



  1. It is a help to further your studies in the HEIs (IPT) for the first semester students.
  2. Applicants are eligible to apply before the enrollment date or at least 2 months after the enrollment date at their respective institution
  3. The applicants are comprised of indigenous, poor and disadvantaged groups. (asnaf fakir, miskin dan fisabilillah).
  4. The maximum rate of household income per household dependency is as follows:
  5. Gross Income
  6. Gross Income RM 1000 – RM 1500 = 2 Liability
  7. Gross Income RM 1500 – RM 2000 = 4 Liability
  8. Gross Income RM 2000 – RM2500 = 5 Liability
  9. Gross Income RM 2500 – RM 3000= 6 Liability
  10. Gross Income RM 3000-RM 3500 = 8 Liability
  11. No sponsorship and assistance from relevant agencies or agencies.
  12. Areas of study that benefit and do not violate Islamic law. ‘
  13. Assistance is provided only once during the period of study at the HEIs.
  14. Help rate:
  • Undergraduate studies – RM 2,500.00
  • Diploma level study – RM 1,700.00

Applicant can apply here. For more information can click here.

Any inquires regarding this sponsorship can contact us at :

Hotline No : 1 300 88 5758
General line : +606- 7942692 / 2631
Fax  : +606- 7942692
Email  : /




  • All online applications will be held at KPJU computer lab during orientation week to avoid any errors.
  • PTPTN is not available for Foundation in Science or Part Time students.
  • All terms and conditions for PTPTN is available at

STEP 1: Open a saving account at Bank Islam.

STEP 2: Open an SSPN account at: (Only for students that doesn’t have SSPN account)

a) Open by Online

  1. Log on to :
  2. Select: SSPN – i
  3. Fill up all the details accordingly
  4. For segment “Pekerjaan” please put (Pelajar / Student)
  5. For segment “Pendapatan” please put RM10
  6. For segment “KOD EKSEKUTIF PTPTN / ID EJEN” log in with Agent Id : 000009799
  7. Please follow the step of the application process.
  8. Please contact En. Mohamad Solehan for further assistance.

STEP 3: Purchase PTPTN Pin No. from Bank Simpanan Nasional.

 STEP 4: Communicate with Ms Anis at 06 -798 4468




  1. JomPAY

    Students can pay fees conveniently and securely with current or savings account. Login to your internet or mobile banking service to make payment via JomPAY. It can be use from any banks in Malaysia.

    Guidelines as follow

    1. Step 1: Log-in your internet banking online
    2. Step 2: Go to Payment/Service
    3. Step 3: Key in Biller Code (Provided on JomPAY logo on the invoice)
    4. Step 4: Key in Ref-1 and Ref -2 (Provided on JomPAY logo on the invoice)
    5. Step 5: Print the successful transactions and email to Finance Department
  2. Bank Islam ATM

    1. Step 1: Insert Card and Validate your ID
    2. Step 2: Select “LAIN-LAIN” menu
    3. Step 3: Select ‘PEMBAYARAN BIL/YURAN IPT”
    4. Step 4: Select Account to be debited
    5. Step 5: Key – in IC number
    6. Step 6: Select “BIL” > PUTERI NURSING COLLEGE
    7. Step 7: Key-in Bill Amount
    8. Step 8: Print Receipt after done transaction
    9. Step 9: Show the slip to Finance Dept.
  3. Bank Islam CDM via Bill Presentment

    1. Step 1: Select “Yuran IPT/Bill Presentment” menu
    2. Step 2: Key-in your IC number
    3. Step 3: Select “Puteri Nursing”
    4. Step 4: Deposit your notes
    5. Step 5: Validate the amount
    6. Step 6: Transaction done and print receipt
  4. MyDebit and Credit Card facilities

    MyDebit and Credit Card can be accessed at Finance counter. No charge fees for any successful transactions.

  5. Maybank EzyPay via MBB Credit Card

    Interest-free instalment plan when you pay for products or services via your Maybank Visa, MasterCard® or American Express® Credit Card. Card member must choose the instalment period from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 36 months

    1. Interest rate: 0%
    2. Instalment plan duration:  Up to 6 months, 12 months , 18 months, 24 months and 36 months.


  1. For all students, all payment only can be done on Bank Islam
  2. Payment to CIMB Bank are not allowed (over the counter or CDM)
  3. Any bank in slip copy must send to Finance Department.

Fee consists of the following

  1. Registration fee- one time and non refundable.
    • Self sponsor – within 30 days after receiving the invoice.
    • PTPTN- within 30 days after receiving the payment from Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN).
    • Sponsor by other organizations – within 30 days after receiving the invoice (not applicable to student).
    • Sponsor by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) – within 30 days after receiving the invoice (not applicable to student).

Tuition fee and living expenses- to be charged according to the semester or yearly.

  1. The following actions to be taken to the student who fail to comply with the above terms and conditions with the exception of student sponsor by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM):
    To be barred from sitting in any examinations.
  2. To be suspended from the University College.
  3. All examinations result will be withheld regardless she/he has paid the previous fee.
  4. Legal action.
  1. Refund due to sponsorship (applicable to student with PTPTN loan and obtain sponsorship from KPJ hospitals in 2nd or 3rd year) – if there is an excess amount due to changes in fees the refund is to be made to PTPTN.

  1. Student to request statement of account from Finance Department.
  2. Student to provide a letter by indicating the duration of the accommodation and to be endorsed by the lecturer in charge/program coordinator prior submission to Finance Department.
  3. KKM student’s representative to provide a listing consist of the list of name as per identification card and identification number, the bank account number (only CIMB bank) and the place that they are being posted/ clinical placement. The complete listing must be endorsed by the program coordinator/lecturer in charge prior submission to Finance Department.