Nurse Instructor
Name Anuramalar a/p Sukkirasingam
Designation Nurse Instructor
Status Full-time Faculty
Highest Degree Level Diploma in Nursing, Postbasic in Orthopedic.
About Anuramalar a/p Sukkirasingam graduated from KPJUC Johor Bahru in Diploma in Nursing in year 2011. She has 6years and 8months experience in hospital (Orthopedic and Urology Department. While working she was sponsored by her hospital to further her studies in Postbasic in Orthopedic. She graduated for second time from KPJUC Penang Branch in Postbasic Orthopedic in year 2014.After that she was promoted from the title of State Registered Nurse to Specialist Nurse. Soon, she got interested in Education site and wished to further her studies in Degree in Nursing. She joined KPUC JB branch, the place where she studied in 1st November 2018 in a transfer mode from her previous hospital. Currently, she working as a Nursing Instructor