Name Dr Mohd Fauze Mahad Jais
Designation Lecturer
Status Full-time Faculty
Email ucn.fauze@kpju.edu.my
Highest Degree Level Doctor of Medicine (MD)
About He is among medical professional highlyselectedtojoin the talentedscholars of this university. In charge of coordinate and managing the school administration, he also involves in teaching of various disciplineof healthcare professionalfor instancepharmacyandnursing. He has been awarded certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor from American Heart Association. Passion in the educational field made him very dedicated lecturer, always giveguidanceto hisprotégéto succeedin the future Besideteaching andlearning, he also active inhumanitarianand social works, involve in local community andreligiousactivity. He has been elected as presidentof KPJUC Staff Sportand Recreation Club session 2018/2019.