Dean, School of Pharmacy

Name Prof. Dr. Tan Ching Siang
Designation Dean School of Pharmacy
Status Full-time Faculty
Highest Degree Level PhD in Clinical Pharmacy (USM)
About Professor Dr. Tan Ching Siang is a Malaysian registered Pharmacist who holds an academic position at KPJ Healthcare University. He completed his undergraduate studies in Pharmacy at the UM, followed by a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Policy and a Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacy at USM. Furthermore, he obtained the Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis program at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and Certificate of Pharmacoeconomic Distance Learning Module from International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes.

In the year 2006, he completed his provisional registered pharmacist training at Penang General Hospital. Subsequently, he worked as an ICU clinical pharmacist at Seberang Jaya Hospital before transitioning his role as a community pharmacist. In 2013, Prof Tan embarked on an academic career, driven by his dedication to research and teaching. His dedication to excellence in healthcare has earned him numerous accolades and recognition from peers and institutions alike. In year 2019, he was appointed as Dean, School of Pharmacy, KPJ Healthcare University.

As a renowned expert in public health, clinical pharmacy, health economics and pharmacy related research, Prof Tan’s work has had a profound impact on the healthcare landscape in Malaysia and beyond. He has authored and co-authored with 70 international publications. These publications include notable research papers that have been published in esteemed journals such as the Annals of the Academy of Medicine Singapore, Value in Health Regional Issues, Springer International Publishing, and the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice and others. In addition, Prof Tan is appointed as an executive editorial board member and reviewer for various international research journals, including BMC Health Services Research, Journal Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice, International Journal of Health Economics and Policy, PLOS ONE Journal and etc.

Prof Tan has successfully secured several research grants which include two national grants (specifically, the MyCC award on national pharmaceutical pricing), two industry-based research projects (one focused on community pharmacy and another on hospital clinical trial research project), as well as 6 research grants from university. In addition, he received an invitation to participate in the WHO Pharmaceutical Price Setting Mechanism Meeting held by Bahagian Perkhidmatan Farmasi, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia in year 2016. In terms of teaching and dissemination of research findings, he continually gives presentations and produce comprehensive reports for the grant funders. He has delivered numerous oral and poster presentations at both international and national conferences and seminars. Of note, Prof Tan presented the commentary article on “Public and private sectors collective response to combat COVID-19 in Malaysia” in ASEAN Working Group Meeting: NACT Working Group Meeting on Public-Private Partnership in 30-Year ASEAN-China Public Health Cooperation.

Furthermore, Prof. Tan demonstrates a strong dedication to community health initiatives and participated in multiple outreach programs focused on enhancing health accessibility and promoting awareness among marginalized populations. Notably, Prof Tan has served as an invited speaker for Ai-FM Radio Interview Sharing Session, where the discussion centred on the establishment of a smoke-free society. Additionally, Prof Tan was invited to speak for Federation International Pharmaceutical (FIP) Digital Event in 2023, addressing the crucial role of pharmacists in tobacco cessation efforts.