Name Vasanthi a/p Arjunan
Designation Lecturer
Status Full-time Faculty
Email ucn.vasanthi@kpju.edu.my
Highest Degree Level M.Ed. in Educational Administration

VASANTHI A/P ARJUNAN graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) with Master of Education in Educational Administration  and Bachelor Degree in Malay Literature and Mass Communication (Double Major) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM).

VASANTHI A/P ARJUNAN currently is a   lecturer in the Center  Of Global, Professional and Social Development(CGPSD),KPJ Healthcare University(KPJU),  Nilai, N.Sembilan, Malaysia. She teaches all level of students covers Foundation, diploma and degree. Todate, she has 22 years of teaching experiences inclusive of 4 years of management responsibilities. Her areas of expertise include Bahasa Kebangsaan, Decision Making Skills, Communication and Thinking Skills. She is also a certified auditor for education institution by SIRIM. She involves actively in the EOMS internal audits in KPJU.