Congratulations, Graduates!

CONGRATULATIONS! on your success in completing your studies.  The University are pleased to extend this invitation to you to attend the 25th Convocation Ceremony.  This is a very important occasion for you – a time to celebrate your success with your family and friends. This time convocation will be held at

World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur.

Date 18 October 2023
Day Wednesday
Time 9.00 am – 2.00 pm
Venue Level 1, World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur
Graduands Gather / Rehearsal
Date 18 October 2023
Day Wednesday
Time 2.30 pm
Venue Merdeka Hall, Level 4, Wordl Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur
Convocation Day
Date 19 October 2023
Day Thursday
Time 7.30 am – 1.00 pm (Session 1)

2.30 pm – 5.00 pm (Session 2)

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For “Tracer Study”, the system will be ready on 3rd October 2023.

Graduation Fee

  1. The Graduation Fee is RM 280.00 only.
  2. Venue : Labuan Room, Level 5 WTC
  3. Payment Methods :
  • No cash payment will be accepted for the Graduation Fee.
  • Please bring along the ORIGINAL COPY of the payment proof on Registration Day, 18 October 2023 for confirmation of your payment to attend the ceremony.
  • Please make sure the payment slip is ready (scanned or captured through your mobile phone/camera). he payment slip COMPULSORY to be uploaded in the attendance google form.
  • The Graduation Fee, RM 280.00 paid is not refundable if the student cancel or not attending the convocation 2023.
  • Please be reminded that academic transcript and certificate of study will only be released on the registration day after all outstanding fees are paid. The fee may include tuition fees and all other borrowings from KPJU/KPJIC. All outstanding MUST BE SETTLED BY 10 OCTOBER 2023 at the Department of Finance, KPJU, Nilai Campus or at KPJIC Johor Bahru/Penang. Refer to 3 for the payment methods.


  1. Visit and complete the Confirmation of Attendance form by 10 October 2023.
  2. Confirmation of attendance is subject to settlement of all arrears of fees with the University.
  3. Graduands are not allowed to defer the Convocation Ceremony or nominate others to attend the Convocation on their behalf without the approval of University.
  4. For International Students outside Malaysia, entering Malaysia to attend the convocation will need to adhere to the Malaysian Immigration’s SOP. Please ensure that you have liaised with the Malaysian Embassy in your respective countries on the procedure to enter Malaysia as a tourist.

Queue Card

  1. Each graduand will receive a Queue Card during Registration Day. The Queue Card states your name and academic programme which to be announced electronically.
  2. The card will only be distributed during the Registration day.
  3. The card MUST BE presented to the Floor Manager during the Convocation Day on the 19 October 2023.
  4. Lost of card will incur a penalty fee of RM 20.00 and a replacement card can only be processed during the Registration Day.

Entrance Pass Card

  1. Each graduand are allow to bring maximum of two (2) guests/family members to attend the Convocation Ceremony in Dewan Merdeka.
  2. The Convocation Committee will provide the entrance pass card to the graduands on the Registration Day.
  3. No new card will be issued for the lost of Pass (Invitation Card).
  4. Please give the Invitation Card to your guests so that they can show to the University Officer when entering the Hall.


The Entrance Pass MUST be shown at the entrance of Dewan Merdeka.

Briefing & Rehearsals

  1. A Convocation Briefing and Rehearsal session will be held at Merdeka Hall, WTC on 18 October 2023 (2.30 pm).
  2. All graduand are COMPULSORY to attend the briefing and rehearsal. This will familiarize the graduands with the flow of event. Graduands are recommended   to view the Video Guideline before attending the rehearsals.
  3. Failure to attend the Briefing and Rehearsal session may result in graduands being barred to attend the Convocation ceremony.

Graduands’ Procession

  1. All graduands are reminded to gather (based on session) at the designated area outside of Dewan MerdekaMorning Session : 7.30 am
    Afternoon Session : 2.00 pm
  2. Graduands MUST SHOW the Queue Card before entering the line-up.
  3. Graduands who are late will NOT BE ALLOWED to be part of the procession and your queue card will be automatically cancelled.
  4. During the Ceremony, graduands are required to follow all the rules and regulations from the Floor Managers.
  5. The entrance door will be CLOSED after the final graduand enters the convocation hall. NO MOVEMENT OF IN-OUT will be allowed after that.
  6. Graduands and guests with special cases (disabled or injured) need to inform the University at least 2 weeks before the Convocation Day for any special arrangement.

Conferment Arrangement

  1. The arrangement of seating for graduands will be decided by the Floor Manager according to your academic programmes.
  2. Graduands will receive their scrolls on the stage. Your name will be called through the QUEUE CARD.
  3. Graduands ARE NOT ALLOWED to leave the hall until the Ceremony ends. This is to give a full respect to the Convocation Ceremony, graduands and to fulfill the stated tradition.

Guest Guide

  1. Parents and guests are advised to have breakfast before entering the hall.
  2. Dress Code
    Gents:  Nationals Dress/Lounge Suite/”Batik”/Proper Attire
    Ladies: National Dress/Neat/Proper Attire
  3. Parents and guests shall enter the hall through the designated entrance.
  4. IMPORTANT: Guests under 12 YEARS OLD ARE NOT ALLOWED into the Convocation Hall.
  5. Mobile phones must be ‘SWITCHED OFF’ or set in ‘SILENT MODE’.
  6. Guests are prohibited from bringing bouquets or flowers or souvenirs into the hall as they may disrupt the seating arrangement of other guests. Kindly turn-off your camera flash. NO personal cameraman allowed.
  7. The use of ‘FLASH LIGHTS’ is ‘STRICTLY PROHIBITED’ as it might affect the quality of photos taken by our professional photographers. No one is allowed to come up to the front row to take photographs or video during the Convocation Ceremony.
  8. Guests ‘ARE NOT ALLOWED’ to leave the hall until end of the Ceremony.
  9. Guests are advised to follow the instructions upon entering and leaving the hall as to ease the flow of movement. Again, NO MOVEMENT OF IN-OUT during convocation ceremony.

Graduands cooperation in adhering to the rules and regulations of KPJU & KPJIC 25th Convocation is very much appreciated



Thank you.


25th Convocation Ceremony 2023

KPJ Healthcare University

KPJ International College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Johor Bahru

KPJ International College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Pulau Pinang