The establishment of the school marks another significant milestone for KPJ Healthcare University. The Graduate School of Medicine focuses on medical specialist training programmes that are of relevance to the needs of the country. We are the first private education institution in the country, approved to conduct medical specialist training programmes. The programmes underwent stringent quality checks and are approved by the Post Graduate Medical Specialty Conjoint Board, the Malaysian Qualification Agency and the Ministry of Education. The training of the post graduates will be done at established KPJ Healthcare hospitals, accredited by the respective Specialty Conjoint Board. They will be trained under the apprenticeship of experienced KPJ medical consultants, with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) providing the guidance in the curriculum design and assessment to ensure a high quality graduates. The hallmark of the training programme is ‘one-to-one’ hands-on apprenticeship, where each candidate is supervised by medical consultants of the respective speciality. These specialist training programmes, conducted at KPJ hospitals with assistance from UKM, are an excellent example of the close collaboration between public and private universities, to produce more specialists for the country

MQA Accredited Academic Programmes
Postgraduate Clinical Training Programmes

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