Programme Overview

The Graduate School of Medicine KPJ Healthcare University  (KPJU) and KPJ Specialist Hospitals is offering a postgraduate programme in Internal Medicine. This is a 4.5 years structured postgraduate programme that prepares medical officers (registrars) for the MRCP examinations. Candidates will be working as medical officers at KPJ Specialist Hospitals throughout the programme. The hallmark of the programme is “one-to-one” hands-on apprenticeship, where each registrar in the programme is closely supervised and working together with medical consultants in internal medicine and its sub-specialties. The programme will enhance candidates’ knowledge and clinical skills to pass the MRCP as well as fulfil the training and working requirements for NSR registration as specialists in internal medicine, after completion of the 4.5 years programme.


Programme Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. (C) Dr. Noor Hisham Mansor

Assoc. Prof. (C) Dr Tengku Saifudin Tengku Ismail

Programme Details
  • Duration – Full Time (5 Years / 9 Semesters)

  • Fees – Local: RM200,000

  • Mode – Full Time

  • Campus – KPJ University Nilai and Accredited KPJ Specialist Hospitals

  • Intake – June and December



Malaysian Students:

  • Possess a Medical Degree (MD, MBBS and MBChB) or equivalent qualifications from Universities recognized by the Senate of the University
  • Must be registered for medical practice by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and possess a valid Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)
  • Preference for candidates with 2 years experience as Medical Officer after housemanship at the time of entry into the programme
  • Preferably, has passed the MRCP Part 1 examination.
  • Satisfactory performance at the selection interview conducted by KPJ University  and KPJ Specialist Hospital.
  • Evidence of financial guarantee or scholarship


The Postgraduate Training in Internal Medicine is a fulltime 4.5 years programme at KPJ Specialist Hospitals.  The objective of this programme is to enhance candidates’ knowledge and clinical skills to pass the MRCP (England) examination, as well as fulfil the training and working requirements for NSR registration as specialists in internal medicine. All candidates accepted into this programme will be appointed as Registrars (trainee Medical Officer) at one of the KPJ Specialist Hospital (the base hospital) throughout the course. Registrars will receive a monthly RM 5,000 cost-of-living allowance from the hospital. Registrars have to serve at the Emergency Department of the hospital (base hospital) for 60 hours a month (about 8 sessions per month). The rest of the time, candidates are rotated to accredited KPJ Specialist hospitals to undergo training in internal medicine.  

During the 4.5 years training, candidates undergo a 3 to 6 monthly rotation at accredited KPJ Specialist Hospitals. At each hospital, candidate will perform clinical duties as a registrar at the clinic of a senior internal medicine consultant. The hallmark of this training programme is “one-to-one” apprenticeship training, where each candidate will perform clinical duties with a senior consultant at the clinic, ward and in the procedure room. The consultant provides close supervision and immediate feedback to candidates. Candidates will also be posted to undergo clinical training in short durations at university hospitals and Ministry of Health hospitals, especially for subspecialty training not available in KPJ Specialist Hospital. Candidates will sit the MRCP Part 1, Part II and PACES examinations during the 1st to 3rd year of the programme. Candidates are eligible to apply for NSR registration upon completion of the 4.5 years programme. The duration of the course may be shortened if candidates are able to pass the examinations earlier and having fulfilled the training duration in internal medicine for registration in the NSR.