About Us

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPGS) is a service and administration centre to assist postgraduate students from admission to completing their studies. CPGS set up initially in 2010, progressed to become fully functioning in March 2013, to serve a growing intake of postgraduate students. We work in partnership with 29 KPJ Hospitals, faculties and centres on the coordination of administration and monitoring of quality standards in postgraduate education within campus and posting hospitals. This may also include strategic planning and development of study programmes offered at KPJU.

CPGS also plays an active role in bolstering the research activities of KPJU. Postgraduate students from various faculties and centres converge together at our centre creating an excellent platform for networking and encouraging multidisciplinary research. CPGS provide important information for students (local and International) planning to pursue or currently are pursuing postgraduate studies at KPJU as well as visiting or exchange graduate students to KPJU. We are offering flexible study option and opportunities for working adults.


  • To liaise with the national vision of development in science and technology through meaningful research in health sciences
  • To develop high performance research culture through efficient research infrastructure
  • To establish sustainable and effective collaborations with national and international institutes and industries
  • To enhance employability by imparting knowledge and expertise through research and education
  • To provide an avenue for higher education and produce highly qualified individuals to serve the nation and the society


To be the centre of excellence for postgraduate studies, provide holistic education and impart high-quality research skills to fulfill the requirements and expectations of current and future demands of the local and global healthcare industry. 


Provide a platform for postgraduate education and research to produce individuals with a high level of competence, commitment and innovative skills who are dedicated to serve the nation and the society 


  • Template – Thesis Research Proposal 
  • Form – Application Form
  • Form – Application Form (Graduate School of Medicine)
  • Checklist Document
  • Form – Health Examination Report (Local Candidate)
  • Form – Health Declaration Form (International Candidate)
  • Postgraduate Handbook & Policy 2020/2021
  • Form – Deferment of Registration
  • Form – Postgraduate Leave Application
  • Form –  Change of Study Mode
  • Form –  Withdrawal Programme
  • Form –  Continuation After Deferment
  • Form – Research Supervision Record
  • Form – Research Progress Report (6 Monthly Basis)
  • Form – Application Convert Master to PhD


  • Postgraduate Application Form – Graduate School of Medicine
  • Checklist – GSM Application
  • Postgraduate Application Form
  • Checklist – Research Mode
  • Assessor Report –  Application Convert Master to PhD
  • Form – Appeal of Continuation of STudy (Dismissed)
  • Form – Appeal of Extension of Study
  • Form – Confirmation for Proposal Defense
  • Assessor Report – Research Proposal Defense Assessment
  • Form – Research Proposal Defense (Final Result)
  • Form –  Research Proposal Defense (Correction)
  • Form – Notification to Submit Thesis/Dissertation
  • Form – Thesis Submission Form
  • Form – Acknowledgment of Acceptance Thesis for Examination
  • Assessor Report – Thesis Evaluation Report  
  • Assessor Report – Dissertation  Evaluation Report (Medicine)
  • Form – Final Result Viva Voce
  • Form – Final Result Oral Examination (Medicine)
  • Format – List Correction of Thesis After Oral Examination
  • Form – Submission of Final Thesis (Hardbound)
  • Form – Thesis Format Review