Yes, you have come to the right place. The place where we train and groom future managers and leaders within the healthcare as well as other industries in general. At KPJU School of Business and Management our priority is to instill the right balance between knowing, doing, and being. Our present and future alumni must be knowledgeable particularly in their area of expertise, proactive and productive, as well as responsible and accountable. We may not be one of the largest higher learning institutions but where else in the world could you find a university college working closely with 26 specialist hospitals with thousands of medical consultants, healthcare professionals and corporate managers – all under one umbrella of KPJ Healthcare Berhad. Not only that you could be more assured that you would learn only relevant skills and knowledge but the likelihood of you getting handsomely employed should be much brighter.

MQA Accredited Academic Programmes

“Towards a healthy and informed society through integration of health education research and comprehensive healthcare services”