CPD Coordinator / Lecturer

Name Fareza Hanum Mohd Radzi
Designation CPD Coordinator / Lecturer
Status Full-time Faculty
Email ucn.fareza@kpju.edu.my
Highest Degree Level Bachelor of Pharmacy
About Mdm Fareza Hanum Mohd Radzi is an accomplished educator with over two decades of experience specializing in pharmacy practice, management, and education. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Cyberjaya.

Her impressive career includes 14 years of invaluable experience in both retail and hospital pharmacy management, where she handled operational and managerial responsibilities. Notably, Ms. Radzi played a pivotal role in shaping hospital pharmacy policies, significantly contributing to the institution’s international accreditation.

Currently, she serves as an academician at KPJ Healthcare University, where she imparts her extensive industry knowledge and expertise to educate budding pharmacists and healthcare professionals. Beyond her teaching role, she also designs pharmacy-related workshops aimed at equipping healthcare providers with the essential tools and confidence required for success in their professional lives. Her dedication to creating engaging and challenging learning environments fosters the development of lifelong experts.

Her areas of expertise encompass a wide range, including Pharmacy Practices, Clinical Pharmacy, Risk and Quality Management in Pharmacy, Operational and Management aspects of hospital and retail pharmacy, and Pharmacy Preceptorship. Mdm Fareza Hanum is a distinguished figure in the field, leaving a lasting impact through her educational and training initiatives.