Name Sharifah Abdul Manaf
Designation Tutor
Status Full-time Faculty
Email sharifah.manaf@kpju.edu.my
Highest Degree Level Bachelor of Nursing
About Sharifah, originally born in Pulau Pinang on July 27, 1991, relocated to Kedah at the age of 8. Following her completion of the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) in 2008, she pursued her education at Penang Matriculation. Subsequently, she enrolled at UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) to earn her Bachelor’s degree in nursing, successfully graduating in 2014. Her professional journey began at Kedah Medical Centre in Alor Setar, where she dedicated 5 years of service before deciding to resign. She then joined Hospital Pakar Annur Bangi, where she worked for an additional 3 years. In 2023, Sharifah furthered her education by enrolling in the Post Basic Pediatric program at KPJU (KPJ Healthcare University). Her career took a significant turn in September when she received an offer to become a Nursing Tutor at KPJU (KPJ Healthcare University)